The Gent

Beyond his clothing, a gentleman should carry a number of accessories which fit as part of his high-flying lifestyle. Some are special items that are only utilised on certain occasions; but some are indispensable and no gentleman should live without them, because they are just way too cool. Cufflinks, KeySmart, Titanium bottle opener, and so on... Just because you can!
  1. Date Adjustable Cufflinks

    Date Adjustable Cufflinks Learn More
  2. Deerskin Driving Gloves

    Gent’s Stuff deerskin gloves are hand finished and made using genuine deerskin. Tremendously versatile, they mould and contour to the individual hand with incredible ease. Considering how classically luxurious this leather is, it goes without saying that only the best Italian workmanship is good enough! Learn More
  3. Deva 40MM 1st Edition

    Through the Deva 40mm Collection, Burtley & Baines combines a luxury, classic & minimalistic aesthetic using a simple, yet efficient product design. The monochrome face, with polished silver strap oozes sophistication. A classic watch that works well with a variety of outfits, designed with you in mind. Learn More
  4. Expansion Pack 2-10 Keys

    For the busy gentleman, making space in your KeySmart is not a problem with this Expansion Pack. Allowing you to hold an additional 2-10 keys. Learn More
  5. Expansion Pack 2-16 Keys

    If 2-10 additional keys still aren’t enough for the busy gent, you can purchase this expansion pack allowing another 2-16 keys. Learn More
  6. Gunmetal Moustache Cufflinks

    Gunmetal Moustache Cufflinks Learn More
  7. Hudsalve
    Out of stock


    Out of stock

    Lip balm originally designed for the Swedish Military. Hudsalve lip balm is a hearty, no-frills skin protection for lips, face, hands, elbows, and feet. Sufficient for battle, this lip balm is far from girly! Learn More
  8. KeySmart 2.0

    Get smarter with KeySmart! This swiss army style key holder will create the perfect pocket organiser and minimalist keyring, made in USA! Learn More
  9. New KeySmart 2.0 Extended

    KeySmart 2.0 Extended

    Exactly like KeySmart 2.0, but better. Get smart, get organised. Learn More
  10. New Koddok Titanium Opener and Dice

    Koddok Titanium Opener and Dice

    Made out of Grade 5 Titanium, this opener is strong and durable. With its compact size, Koddok can easily fit onto your keychain, allowing you to take practicality and fun everywhere. Why a Titanium bottle opener? Well, who else has one of these gadgets!? Learn More

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